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WHERE is Beverly Hills?


Uniquely, Beverly Hills is entirely enclosed by the city of Los Angeles. Incorporated in the midst of Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills is a small regal city sitting within a mammoth one.  Santa Monica Boulevard bisects the city; on the south of which is the renowned area of stores and restaurants, above which are the residences and hills. It is located about 15 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles and 15 miles northeast of LAX airport.

WHAT characterizes Beverly Hills?

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Once known as the playground to the glamorously rich and fabulously famous, Beverly Hills is still the home of some of California’s most opulent homes, hotels and personalities. Visitors have been flocking to the Hills to experience the allure of Hollywood since Hollywood moved west to Beverly Hills and beyond.  It is a city known for its world-class shopping, fine dining and, of course, star-gazing. Unlike the Grand Canyon with its natural wonders, I still wonder who’s at the foot of Coldwater Canyon inside the iconic and pink Beverly Hills Hotel. For decades, the hotel has played a discreet host to the then and now famous. While most of Los Angeles has evolved over the years, there is a sense of time standing still in much of Beverly Hills. Nothing characterizes the city as much as Rodeo Drive and every single day of the week, tourists flock to Via Rodeo for its European grace.  As pristine as 50 years ago, Rodeo Drive with its flagship

Bouchon Beverly Hills

Bouchon Beverly Hills

top-end stores and outdoor cafes is everything it looks like in the pictures, only better. And on days when I’m not quite dressed the part, I am easily reminded of Julia Roberts shopping there in “Pretty Woman.”  Rodeo Drive is one of the last of the great American shopping streets where shoppers might still be inclined to wear their finest street wear. You’ll never have a wallet-draining day if you just peer in Rodeo’s windows and watch the passersbys.  It’s a magical street 365 days a year!  Beverly Hills offers city living in the flats and private majestic living in the hills.  Just riding in those hills can increase my serotonin without any medication!

WHO is in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills HouseWhile the physical environs are much unchanged, can I resist saying how many faces have changed in Beverly Hills?!  The affluent residents find many of the world’s top plastic surgeons and dermatologists settled in between the stores and restaurants. Botox jokes aside, Beverly Hills has an array of magnificent homes scattered throughout the hills at varying altitudes, some with breathtaking views. Magnificent real estate, often secluded and set back from the street, attracts celebrities (e.g. Faith Hill/Tim McGraw, Albert Brooks, Mark Wahlberg, Taylor

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Swift and Rod Stewart), chief executives and the internationally wealthy.  What is less known is how livable the flats are for the less well-to-do. In five miles of flats, the city houses middle to upper middle class residents who find apartment, condo and townhouse living well-located and convenient for all residential needs.  The flats attract the young and the very old, with some families sprinkled in between.


The Bazaar


Barney’s Greengrass
Il Pastaio
La Dolce Vita


Brighton Coffee Shop
Il Tramezzino
Jack and Jill’s
Mulberry Street Pizza
Sprinkles (cupcakes only- but THE cupcake)


Bar Bouchon
Bar Nineteen 12
The Honor Bar
Vampire Lounge and Tasting Room


Rodeo Drive
Saks Fifth Ave.

LIVE (and thrive) HERE:

Condos average $1,000,000

Single Family Residences average $2,000,000

A one-bedroom apartment averages $1600/month

Beverly Hills continues to be celebrated as a destination offering the finest hotels, indulgent pampering, world class luxury shopping and exceptional dining. And while I take a fair amount of displeasure in commuting from Hollywood to Santa Monica for weekday work, one of the daily highlights is driving through Beverly Hills.  Every day, Beverly Hills smiles, not smugly, inviting me (and you) to appreciate its elegance.

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